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Is your organization looking for Help Desk Support? Maybe your a small shop in the need of a properly well designed POS or maybe you simply need a Video Surveilance System that can monitor warehouse staff. Let us help you achieve your technology goals.

Tegrity Techs has invested numerous hours of knowledge through-out the years into organizations to develop unique practices and capabilities that bring value. We have assisted multiple offices from small businesses to mid-sized organizations looking to harden their IT Backbone. Not only have we strengthened Security infrastructures but empowered the office staff into technological freedom as-well  by implementing seamless remote connectivity that is as solid as our wired and wireless network implementations.

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How To

Prevent Data Loss

  • Respond

In order to respond to an incident, you must first plan out you strategy. With our 20 years of experience in the IT industry, we can help you put a solid backup solution that will cover workstations and servers alike as well as solidifying other areas of your IT infrastructure.

  • Resolve

When disaster strikes such as server failure or accidental damages of hardware or software, your backup solution can allow us to recover data by files and folders or even an entire image of the system. But what if a large disaster occurs such as a fire or natural disaster? We can recover from off-site images that are synchronized with your local backups daily.

  • Learn from Incidents

Learning from incidents allows organizations by planning properly to avoid downtime and data loss. We stay proactive by constantly monitoring for hardware and software failures and mitigating any failures we find that can prevent disaster recovery solutions from performing their assigned tasks.  


Tegrity Clients

Tegrity Techs is always being proactive and have saved me numerous times with our solid disaster recovery solutions that they implemented. Great, Honest and Caring addition to our team. Thank you Tegrity Team!

Maxine Jones

We Freight It

The team at Tegrity Techs is very helpful when I need assistance with my network. They helped me get a POS installed which has allowed my business to grow and a video surveilance system that I can monitor my warehouse team with.  

Ada Leonard

Monarchs Inc